Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Way JWU classes work

I am making this post simple so that people understand how my school and classes work. This way, in the future, there will be no confusions about posts or if someone asks, I can just direct them to this post.

Anyway, I have five classes every trimester. Each class lasts only nine days and is six hours a day. I have PM classes, so its from 1:45 to 7:45. I have class from Monday to Thursday. The only time that i have class on Fridays is if one of the classes during the week was cancelled. The reason for this is that since each class is so short and you need the nine days to learn everything possible, there is simple no room to miss one class.

So i guess that's it, but ill be posting a recipe soon. Maybe a personal one, or maybe a common one with a spin.

The Hungry Gamer

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