Saturday, December 24, 2011

Brine VS Cure

Hello foodies and hungry peeps,

I am here today to explain to you two ways that you can marinade meat, generally poultry, without many ingredients.

First you have a Cure, which is was originally used to conserve meat that was not being used. Now it is used to marinade meat products and make them delicious. All you need is salt, sugar, herbs and spices. You mix it all together and and then rub the meat with the mixture. Then you let it sit or you can actually conserve the meat for a long time and it will taste delicious and amazing when you roast or grill or however you decide to cook it.

A Brine is essentially the same thing, except you dissolve it all in water. I also add vinegar to the mixture to give it some tang so there is a pop of flavor when you taste the finished product. What you have to do is boil water and once boiled, combine all the ingredients in it and cook it until the color changes. The color will depend on what herbs you put in it. When the brine is done, you have to cool it, and then you can drop the meat product into it.

These are generally done with poultry since they are usually more dry than beef or pork. I prefer a brine since it gives much more flavor and moisture to the product.

I hope this helps everyone looking for some simple ways to make their food delicious and in the spirit, Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah to everyone! Good Cooking...

The HungryGamer

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