Saturday, December 24, 2011

Brine VS Cure

Hello foodies and hungry peeps,

I am here today to explain to you two ways that you can marinade meat, generally poultry, without many ingredients.

First you have a Cure, which is was originally used to conserve meat that was not being used. Now it is used to marinade meat products and make them delicious. All you need is salt, sugar, herbs and spices. You mix it all together and and then rub the meat with the mixture. Then you let it sit or you can actually conserve the meat for a long time and it will taste delicious and amazing when you roast or grill or however you decide to cook it.

A Brine is essentially the same thing, except you dissolve it all in water. I also add vinegar to the mixture to give it some tang so there is a pop of flavor when you taste the finished product. What you have to do is boil water and once boiled, combine all the ingredients in it and cook it until the color changes. The color will depend on what herbs you put in it. When the brine is done, you have to cool it, and then you can drop the meat product into it.

These are generally done with poultry since they are usually more dry than beef or pork. I prefer a brine since it gives much more flavor and moisture to the product.

I hope this helps everyone looking for some simple ways to make their food delicious and in the spirit, Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah to everyone! Good Cooking...

The HungryGamer

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coming Soon!!!!

Hello Everyone,

I know that i have not really been putting up a lot of material lately, but i promise that i will be soon. For now, i need to finish up with school so that i may go home and relax like a boss. So stay tuned for food, games and much more in the months to come.

The HungryGamer

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Hello One and All,

So I have been doing a lot of this online survey taking and other simple things to get money online. Its super easy and takes basically nothing at all to do. I have compiled a list of sites that I have at least been on and signed up for. I don't really use all of them, but I am still learning how to make as much possible money from these sites as I can. I want to spread the easiness that is money making to the people of the world. But I warn you, you must be very careful with this kinds of sites because lots of them can lead you into tricky scams. But I have a few simple rules that will help you to not fall into someones trap:

1. NEVER NEVER give your Social Security number.
2. Don't use your main email because you will get lots of spam. Create a email for these sites.
3. Giving your address is not bad, and some sites need your address in order to email you checks, but you might get a lot of junk mail, so be prepared to throw out a lot of trash.
4. Don't give Credit Card info or any license numbers.
5. Pop-ups from these sites are FAKE and do not click on them.
6. I don't personally do downloads to make money, but i have heard they are generally okay. Download at your own chance. I would say go to a public computer and download them there. I mean who the hell cares???
7. If it doesn't say https://, (means secure site) then do not, I mean DO NOT put any information that could get you scammed or hacked.

I guess thats about it, but if you follow those simple rules, you will make lots of easy money and not get screwed. Here are the sites that i have been using. Enjoy and make that BANK!!!

3. (Use this code: 18A2XTRGUA)
4. (Just put in browser)
5. (Just put in browser)
6. (Just put in browser)
8. (An Invite only site so message me for invite - One of the best sites)

I will continue to post links and later, as I find the time, I will go into depth about each site. I hope this helps you all, so got out and make that money.

The HungryGamer

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Sauces You Can Make From a Roast Pan!!!

Whenever you make a roast, you are always left with those caramelized juices stuck to the bottom with all the veggies that you cooked your roast (pork chop, roast beef, chicken, etc.) on. There are probably thousands of sauces that you can make from these juices, but here are the basic three that end up being the backbone of every sauce you could make from these pans.

First you have a Jus. Its okay if you can't pronounce it, just don't say Jew, cause some people in my class have. This is a thinner sauce. Here are the steps:
Not Mine
1. First you must cooked away all the water liquid from the pan by cooking it on a stove. This will leave you with only the veggies, or mirepoix if you want to be fancy, and the oil or fatty part of the liquid. Get those juices nice and caramelized at the bottom of the pan. Then you have to pour the fat, or oil away from the pan so that your left with only the caramelized bits. This is the degreasing step in making the sauce.
2. Now you must deglaze the pan. For this you will need to add water or wine. Some liquid that will be able to pick up the bits of flavor off the bottom of the pan. Just don't add a fat to deglaze. Heat up the liquid in the pan and don't stir for a few minutes to let the goodies on the bottom detach.
3. Now you must stir the liquid and fond (that's all the caramelized bits at the bottom of the pan) together to get a nice consistensy and dissolve all the fond.
4. Strain the mirepoix so that you are only left with the Jus. 
5. Season to taste and you are ready to serve.

Not Mine
The second sauce you can make is a Jus Lie. This is essentially the same thing as the Jus, but it is thickened slightly with cornstarch, or something that has the same effect.
1. Cook away all the water so you are left with the fond,  the mirepoix, and the oil. Once you have done this, instead of pouring out the fat, in this case oil, you pour in cornstarch that has been dissolved in water. Pour it in little at a time just enough to get it a little thick. You don't want your sauce tasting like starch.
2. Now you deglaze with wine, water, stock, etc.
3. Strain out the mirepoix.
4. Season to taste and you are all finished.

The third is a Pan Gravy. This is different from the other two sauces because it is much thicker.
Not Mine
1. Once again, you cook away all the water. At this point, you put flour into the pan and stir up the fond with the flour until you get a wet sand like consistency.
2. Now you deglaze.
3. Strain
4. Season to taste

Those are the three sauces that you can make from roast pan drippings. Depending on the meat that is being served, you should use different wine's to deglaze the pan. From these basic sauces, you can create whatever you want to. Maybe deglaze with a juice instead of wine, or add herbs and spices to the fond  to get a garden taste. Its all up too you. I hope this has helped.

The HungryGamer

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So, basically I am stoked beyond everything in this world (except for my lovely girlfriend of course) for Mass Effect 3. I played through the first Mass Effect 3 times. It is such a unique game in many respects. I would relate this game to the Elder Scroll games if you don't understand what Mass Effect is like. Then I played the second Mass Effect through twice. Once as an angel who was kind and giving and once as a evil bastard who killed as I please. One thing that makes this game so original is that you can carry your character from the past game through to the new one. This is an intro for the upcoming information and footage that I will post up on this blog. Here is one of the most recent videos put up on YouTube. Its a clip of Commander Shepard fighting one of the giant tripod creatures, as well as a giant worm fighting the Tripod. Check it out, its so EPIC!!!

Quick summary of Mass Effect 3: the reapers have grown in numbers and are attacking Earth and all that stands in their way is you, Commander Shepherd. That's the super quick summary of ME3!!

The HungryGamer

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta Out Now....but be careful!

Hey There Internet Surfers,

Diablo 3 is going to blow the lid off of millions of heads when it officially comes out, but for now, before you can have your mind blown from playing the world of Diablo 3, you can play the beta. I personally have not played the beta as I do not have time, but I have read a lot about the beta. It seems amazing and out of this world.
I still remember playing Diablo 2 and summoning Golem's with my beast Necromancer and axing people's faces in with my deadly Barbarian. If you haven't played Diablo, I would say get on it. If you wanna go retro, play the first Diablo which is equally amazing as the second. There's a lot more abilities, quests and characters in the second one, especially with the expansions.

But, although the beta is being played successfully for the most part, some people are getting screwed by fake promotional code giveaways. Check this site out for more information:

In summary, be careful when clicking on links to getting a Diablo 3 beta code. As it could be a possible virus or it could just be some bastard who gets his kicks from screwing with thousands of people. I hate those bastards....BBBBAAAASSSSTTTTAAAARRRRRDDDDDSSSSS!!!!

There is not a release date yet, but get excited, cause I know I am. In the mean time, you can watch tons of gameplay and character class videos on YouTube. The official Opening Cinematic was recently released (Click Here and you can check out all the info about the characters your brain can handle (Click Here
I will put up a review on the five characters soon and what my thoughts are on each one.

Also, check out a few of these cool screen shots I have found.

The HungryGamer

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Way JWU classes work

I am making this post simple so that people understand how my school and classes work. This way, in the future, there will be no confusions about posts or if someone asks, I can just direct them to this post.

Anyway, I have five classes every trimester. Each class lasts only nine days and is six hours a day. I have PM classes, so its from 1:45 to 7:45. I have class from Monday to Thursday. The only time that i have class on Fridays is if one of the classes during the week was cancelled. The reason for this is that since each class is so short and you need the nine days to learn everything possible, there is simple no room to miss one class.

So i guess that's it, but ill be posting a recipe soon. Maybe a personal one, or maybe a common one with a spin.

The Hungry Gamer

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Check out my YouTube

Here's my newest Modern Warfare 3 commentary. Its a double EMP game where I tear some people up. Check out the video and my channel to. Drop a Sub and a like and stay active to help me get big!

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New Planet Found!!!

Just found out about this possible habitable planet just like Earth 600 light years away. Here is a link to a good article that delves into the issue. Check it out:

The HungryGamer

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Ten Steps of Baking Bread

So, basically i have been in intro to baking as my first class for labs. I have been learning a ton of recipes and baking lots and lots of bread and pastries. One thing i feel necessary to share to the world, is the ten steps of baking bread. In order to make perfect bread that's fluffy, soft and delicious on the inside with a beautifully browned and crispy crust, you must follow these steps:

1. Scaling - This one is clearly the most obvious. You have to scale out the ingredients perfectly. Most bread is made from four ingredients; flour, generally bread flour (duh), water, yeast, and salt. Other ingredients are added to add flavor, color, texture, or to leaven the bread.
2. Mixing - Another obvious stage. You have to blend all the ingredients together until the dough can be stretched to make an super thin film. Mixing well will create gluten, which is key to making bread.
My Baguette's
3. Bulk Fermentation - This is the first proof. You can either do a quick proof, which would require a proof box, which i assume most home kitchens don't have, or, you can do a long fermentation process by putting it in the fridge over night. Basically, the longer you let the yeast convert the starch to sugars and create carbon dioxide and alcohol, the better the bread will be. This is the most important process and can really make or break the bread.
4. Dividing - divide the dough into the proper amount for baking. For baguettes, one pound should suffice, but you can change the amount up to make smaller or bigger breads.
5. Rounding - when you cut and divide the dough, you are letting carbon dioxide escape from the air tight center of the dough. By rounding it, you are recreating some lost gluten, while recreating the perfect air tight environment for the yeast to do its fermenting thang.
6. Bench Rest - this step is the second proof which is required to let the dough ferment even more, making that bread that much more delicious. It relaxes the dough. Generally 45 minutes to 1 hour in a proof box, maybe 2 or so in the fridge.
7. Shaping - this is the form and shape of your bread. In terms of baguettes, the bread should be rolled out into a tube like shape that's bigger in the middle and gets thinner as you reach the edges.
8. Panning - Depending on the type of oven you have, this could go a few different ways. With a stone oven, all that would be needed is a piece of parchment paper to protect the stone from getting dirty. With a regular convection over, sheet pans would work, but they wouldn't have the same bottom crust as bread baked in the stone oven.
9. Final Proof - One final proof before going into the oven so that the yeast have reached their maximum output of carbon dioxide and alcohol. Pretty quick, for only thirty minutes or so. This will also give it that final rise for the baking step. Stippling, or cutting the bread also occurs in this step. Putting slight cuts into the bread will allow the center to cook better and a give a awesome pattern to the bread.
10. Baking - Another simple one. Put it in the oven and let it become something amazing. The cook time and temperature depends on the dough size, crust and color desired.

Well, that's it. I hope that you learned a few things about bread today reading this. So go fourth and make bread to eat and share and showoff your bread making skills.

The Hungry Gamer

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Razer Onza: A Kickass Review

Decided to do this little review as I was sitting at work, bored to the point I think my eyes might pop out!

Anyway, this controller for X-Box, made by the Razer, a company that makes gaming equipment for computers, is one of the greatest controllers I have ever felt/ played with. Its a true gamer's controller, so its perfect for me. After all, I am a true gamer. It cost $50.00, but with shipping and handling, it ends up being about $60.00. There are two kinds, the tournament edition and then the regular. The regular is $10.00 cheaper, but for an extra ten dollars, you get much more. So let me explain to you why this controller is so amazing and why you should go and purchase this controller.

In the picture on the left, you can see all the components of the controller:
1: (My Favorite part) The analog sticks are made of a rubbery material so that your fingers will slip less off of them.  The analog sticks also have their tightness adjusted. This is perfect for me, a COD player, cause I can put my sensitivity up high and tighten the analog stick to make turning easy and fast.
2: Two extra button's, one in front of the left bumper and one in front of the right. This is a button that can be set to be any any button on the controller. Its useful sometimes, but not for many games. One time I set it as the right analog stick button in order to knife in MW2. It was fun, but I ended up going back. It is a cool little addition, but sometimes you hit the wrong bumper because they are so close to one another.
3: Not only do the buttons (as well as the whole controller) light up, but they are hyper sensitive so that pushing them takes a much lighter touch. They aren't clunky like a stock controller.
4: The D-pad, which in my opinion could be worked on, has four separate arrow buttons. It is easier to push the arrow you want to, but they feel chubby, if I can even use that adjective for a controller.
5: The entire controller is made of rubber or something in relation to rubber so that if one's hands were to sweat, the controller would continue to stay in that person's hands.
6: Now this is just the cool Razer logo.
7: A 15 foot, yup that's right, 15 foot fiber optic cable to connect the controller to the Xbox. The fiber optic cable gives your controller optimal response time so when you click the button, the game will respond as fast as possible. This is something that you cannot get out of a stock controller. The cable seems a little bit long for my taste, but it is easy to tie it up so its not in the way.

In the end, this controller is great. Although I am already on my third controller; the first one broke on its own, the second I dropped, it is a great investment for any Xbox gamer. I generally only really need it for FPS games, but I have come to realize that is great for any game. It is an extremely light controller, feels great and can accomplish any task you need. It will even cook you a pizza....if only. But, if you need a new Xbox controller, buy this instead of a new stock controller, since they are both basically the same price, and the Onza is a bout a trillion times better. I will put the link below, check it out.

The HungryGamer

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Scores 96 on Metacritic, Fifth All Time!

Just decided to go check out what Metacritic gave Skyrim, since i have been playing it basically non-stop. Its so much fun, very addictive, but not in a bad way...of course. The Graphics are superb and stories and missions suck you in to the world of creatures and magic. Check out the cite and play Skyrim, if you have not. You will thank me.

The HungryGamer

This is Me just being Me!

Hello People of the World,

I have just made this blog for a few reasons. One is that I have a YouTube channel wherever I post sick and awesome Call of Duty and general gaming videos. I enjoy making videos to help those in need of help. So this blog is going to be an expansion of my YouTube channel. I am also a 19 year old at Johnson & Wales University in the culinary program, looking to major in nutrition and business. I am going to be posting lots of good quality food sources, personal recipes you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else, and just everything food. Cause i mean really, everyone loves food. So, i hope you follow this blog on the regular, stay active and check out my YouTube, and my Twitter too.

The HungryGamer