Sunday, December 11, 2011

Diablo 3 Beta Out Now....but be careful!

Hey There Internet Surfers,

Diablo 3 is going to blow the lid off of millions of heads when it officially comes out, but for now, before you can have your mind blown from playing the world of Diablo 3, you can play the beta. I personally have not played the beta as I do not have time, but I have read a lot about the beta. It seems amazing and out of this world.
I still remember playing Diablo 2 and summoning Golem's with my beast Necromancer and axing people's faces in with my deadly Barbarian. If you haven't played Diablo, I would say get on it. If you wanna go retro, play the first Diablo which is equally amazing as the second. There's a lot more abilities, quests and characters in the second one, especially with the expansions.

But, although the beta is being played successfully for the most part, some people are getting screwed by fake promotional code giveaways. Check this site out for more information:

In summary, be careful when clicking on links to getting a Diablo 3 beta code. As it could be a possible virus or it could just be some bastard who gets his kicks from screwing with thousands of people. I hate those bastards....BBBBAAAASSSSTTTTAAAARRRRRDDDDDSSSSS!!!!

There is not a release date yet, but get excited, cause I know I am. In the mean time, you can watch tons of gameplay and character class videos on YouTube. The official Opening Cinematic was recently released (Click Here and you can check out all the info about the characters your brain can handle (Click Here
I will put up a review on the five characters soon and what my thoughts are on each one.

Also, check out a few of these cool screen shots I have found.

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