Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Razer Onza: A Kickass Review

Decided to do this little review as I was sitting at work, bored to the point I think my eyes might pop out!

Anyway, this controller for X-Box, made by the Razer, a company that makes gaming equipment for computers, is one of the greatest controllers I have ever felt/ played with. Its a true gamer's controller, so its perfect for me. After all, I am a true gamer. It cost $50.00, but with shipping and handling, it ends up being about $60.00. There are two kinds, the tournament edition and then the regular. The regular is $10.00 cheaper, but for an extra ten dollars, you get much more. So let me explain to you why this controller is so amazing and why you should go and purchase this controller.

In the picture on the left, you can see all the components of the controller:
1: (My Favorite part) The analog sticks are made of a rubbery material so that your fingers will slip less off of them.  The analog sticks also have their tightness adjusted. This is perfect for me, a COD player, cause I can put my sensitivity up high and tighten the analog stick to make turning easy and fast.
2: Two extra button's, one in front of the left bumper and one in front of the right. This is a button that can be set to be any any button on the controller. Its useful sometimes, but not for many games. One time I set it as the right analog stick button in order to knife in MW2. It was fun, but I ended up going back. It is a cool little addition, but sometimes you hit the wrong bumper because they are so close to one another.
3: Not only do the buttons (as well as the whole controller) light up, but they are hyper sensitive so that pushing them takes a much lighter touch. They aren't clunky like a stock controller.
4: The D-pad, which in my opinion could be worked on, has four separate arrow buttons. It is easier to push the arrow you want to, but they feel chubby, if I can even use that adjective for a controller.
5: The entire controller is made of rubber or something in relation to rubber so that if one's hands were to sweat, the controller would continue to stay in that person's hands.
6: Now this is just the cool Razer logo.
7: A 15 foot, yup that's right, 15 foot fiber optic cable to connect the controller to the Xbox. The fiber optic cable gives your controller optimal response time so when you click the button, the game will respond as fast as possible. This is something that you cannot get out of a stock controller. The cable seems a little bit long for my taste, but it is easy to tie it up so its not in the way.

In the end, this controller is great. Although I am already on my third controller; the first one broke on its own, the second I dropped, it is a great investment for any Xbox gamer. I generally only really need it for FPS games, but I have come to realize that is great for any game. It is an extremely light controller, feels great and can accomplish any task you need. It will even cook you a pizza....if only. But, if you need a new Xbox controller, buy this instead of a new stock controller, since they are both basically the same price, and the Onza is a bout a trillion times better. I will put the link below, check it out.

The HungryGamer

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