Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So, basically I am stoked beyond everything in this world (except for my lovely girlfriend of course) for Mass Effect 3. I played through the first Mass Effect 3 times. It is such a unique game in many respects. I would relate this game to the Elder Scroll games if you don't understand what Mass Effect is like. Then I played the second Mass Effect through twice. Once as an angel who was kind and giving and once as a evil bastard who killed as I please. One thing that makes this game so original is that you can carry your character from the past game through to the new one. This is an intro for the upcoming information and footage that I will post up on this blog. Here is one of the most recent videos put up on YouTube. Its a clip of Commander Shepard fighting one of the giant tripod creatures, as well as a giant worm fighting the Tripod. Check it out, its so EPIC!!!


Quick summary of Mass Effect 3: the reapers have grown in numbers and are attacking Earth and all that stands in their way is you, Commander Shepherd. That's the super quick summary of ME3!!

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