Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Sauces You Can Make From a Roast Pan!!!

Whenever you make a roast, you are always left with those caramelized juices stuck to the bottom with all the veggies that you cooked your roast (pork chop, roast beef, chicken, etc.) on. There are probably thousands of sauces that you can make from these juices, but here are the basic three that end up being the backbone of every sauce you could make from these pans.

First you have a Jus. Its okay if you can't pronounce it, just don't say Jew, cause some people in my class have. This is a thinner sauce. Here are the steps:
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1. First you must cooked away all the water liquid from the pan by cooking it on a stove. This will leave you with only the veggies, or mirepoix if you want to be fancy, and the oil or fatty part of the liquid. Get those juices nice and caramelized at the bottom of the pan. Then you have to pour the fat, or oil away from the pan so that your left with only the caramelized bits. This is the degreasing step in making the sauce.
2. Now you must deglaze the pan. For this you will need to add water or wine. Some liquid that will be able to pick up the bits of flavor off the bottom of the pan. Just don't add a fat to deglaze. Heat up the liquid in the pan and don't stir for a few minutes to let the goodies on the bottom detach.
3. Now you must stir the liquid and fond (that's all the caramelized bits at the bottom of the pan) together to get a nice consistensy and dissolve all the fond.
4. Strain the mirepoix so that you are only left with the Jus. 
5. Season to taste and you are ready to serve.

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The second sauce you can make is a Jus Lie. This is essentially the same thing as the Jus, but it is thickened slightly with cornstarch, or something that has the same effect.
1. Cook away all the water so you are left with the fond,  the mirepoix, and the oil. Once you have done this, instead of pouring out the fat, in this case oil, you pour in cornstarch that has been dissolved in water. Pour it in little at a time just enough to get it a little thick. You don't want your sauce tasting like starch.
2. Now you deglaze with wine, water, stock, etc.
3. Strain out the mirepoix.
4. Season to taste and you are all finished.

The third is a Pan Gravy. This is different from the other two sauces because it is much thicker.
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1. Once again, you cook away all the water. At this point, you put flour into the pan and stir up the fond with the flour until you get a wet sand like consistency.
2. Now you deglaze.
3. Strain
4. Season to taste

Those are the three sauces that you can make from roast pan drippings. Depending on the meat that is being served, you should use different wine's to deglaze the pan. From these basic sauces, you can create whatever you want to. Maybe deglaze with a juice instead of wine, or add herbs and spices to the fond  to get a garden taste. Its all up too you. I hope this has helped.

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